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The weekly pool service is always perfect. After the serviceman leaves, the pool is pristine. Low turnover in staff, because they get health and disability insurance, etc. I built my home with pool in 1981. So things break down. The owner, Todd Swearingen, came out this morning to discuss what he needs to do in the next few months for repair and replacement. He was quick to say what I didn’t need when I asked about different things. Todd does the repairs/replacements himself. He stands behind his work. FYI, today I joined Angie’s List because I wanted to submit this review
We have been pleased with their services. Our service person alerted us to a leak from our pump. They advised us to contact our Home Warranty company to get it repaired. I had completely forgotten about our policy. So grateful they helped save money on the repair.
They diagnosed it over the phone. They could have tried to sell me a new pump, but told me there was a much cheaper and faster fix. They were prompt, polite and easy to work with. I take care of as much as I can, but this is who I’ll call the next time I need help.
Better than expected. They are paying particular attention to issues that have been there for awhile and doing preventative maintenance that should have been done years ago. So far, very impressed.

I had my pool in terrible condition with algae, and the water looked black, my pump was bad, and so was the filter tank. I called “another pool company”, who gave me a ridiculous quote and said it would take two people to do the job. G&S came over gave me an honest quote which was $1,200 less than what the other pool service said, and it only took one person and two hours to finish the whole job. My pool is in tip top shape now, and they do a great service to keep my pool that way. Todd is awesome, and he will try to save you money. If you live in the Buda TX area G&S is the pool service for you.

Our 10 year old salt water pool was a complete mess. The water was green and the pool was stained. We just could not get it back into shape. Todd, the owner of G&S Pool Service, had done work for us before so we called him for help. After seeing the pool, Todd told us that the best way to get the pool back in shape was to drain, clean, and refill it. He gave us an estimate for both draining and for cleaning up the existing water. He said that keeping the same water would be more expensive (because of the extra labor involved) and the final results would not be as good. After much consideration, we decided to follow his recommendation and drain the pool. He set up his pump to drain the pool on a Friday evening and arrived Saturday morning to pressure wash, clean, and destain the walls and floor. After seeing the drained pool with all the sediment and stains, I was really sceptical about it ever being clean again. Much to my delight and surprise, he was able to remove all the dirt and stains and was refilling the pool by 11 am. His charge for the work was slightly less than his original quote. However, when he came back to treat the water, he discovered that our filter grid needed to be replaced. He ordered the new grid and one of his technicians replaced it a few days later. We will use him again.

I called in about jacuzzi service, which this company does not provide. They graciously took my information so they could find me a reference. That is great customer service. Most people would have said no and let it go at that. Thanks!